Summary, annotated text, historical background, analysis, and more. Mac Flecknoe Or a Satire Upon the True-Blue-Protestant Poet T. S.. A Poem by John . Mac Flecknoe is a verse mock-heroic satire written by John Dryden. It is a direct attack on Thomas Shadwell, another prominent poet of the time. It opens with the . Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden. Dryden, who was the greatest literary figure of the Restoration period achieved.

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A that means was called. Although the idea of human waste as a red carpet for a King seems preposterous, it becomes more so when considering the King to be a Messiah. In the poem “Mac Flecknoe,” the element of surprise and a complete transformation of the values of words is what produces humor.

Shadwell, then vows to uphold the dullness so successfully maintained by his father. He even suggests that Shadwell need not work very hard in this attempt; rather, let dullness come naturally to him. The ahalysis difference between Shadwell and them, he says, will flecknie their names.

At the time of consecration twelve owls fly over the spot. And though Shadwell may have passionate ideas in his head, Flecknoe says, they will die whenever he manifests them with his pen.

Flecknoe, with parental pride, dwells on his son’s achievements. When she awakens, he accidentally pricks his skin instead of hers, causing him to fall in love with her. Retrieved from ” https: He advises him to advance ignorance analysjs to promote dullness. The word august fpecknoe GUST means to inspire reverence and awe.

He was not the first man in England to write satires, but he imparted it a distinction by his skill and genius. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though Mac Flecknoe has its own place among Dryden’s masterpieces in English satirical poetry, it gives way to Absalom and Achitophel which has been praised by Saintsbury in these words: Great poets like Fletcher and Jonson cannot enter there.

Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden

Dryden’s method here is something very near to parody; he applies vocabulary, images and ceremony, which arouse epic associations of grandeur, to make an enemy helplessly ridiculous. Given this understanding, the line, “Martyrs of pies, relics of the bum,” is a combination of the highest register, the divine, and the lowest register, human refuse. The answer is through satire. The poem illustrates Shadwell as the heir to a kingdom of poetic dullness, represented by his association with Richard Flecknoean earlier poet already satirized by Andrew Marvell and disliked by Dryden, although the poet does not use belittling techniques to satirize him.

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There, Jupiter gives her the food of the gods, making her immortal, and pronounces Cupid and her eternally tied by the bonds of marriage.

Mac Flecknoe by John Dryden: Summary

Fictional name for London. Flecknoe assumed msc throne as King of Nonsense when he was young. Cupid, invisible to human eyes, enters her chamber while she is sleeping. Shadwell dedicated some of his plays to the Duke of Newcastle.

In Mac Flecknoe Dryden sank the greater part of his resentment in the humor of the conception and the reader enjoys the fun without thinking much of its application to an individual. In Mac Flecknoe there is no single reference to the bitter political controversy of the time, nor even to the medal bearing Shaftesbury’s image.

Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden Dryden, who was the greatest literary figure of the Restoration period achieved remarkable success in anaylsis every class of literature, and in his work we have an excellent reflection of the second half analysix the 17th century. Nitwit writers who came before Shadwell occasionally displayed the dimmest glimmer of intelligence. She sends her son, Cupid, to earth to use one of his arrows to make her fall in love with a horribly ugly man.

The tone of the poem is mischievous and mocking. The plays of Fletcher and Jonson allusion to writers John Fletcher and Ben Jonson are never staged in maf place, but the dull and shoddy plays of Shadwell find a ready audience here.

In addition to satirizing the societal values that produced Grub Street, Dryden denounces the values of literary audiences by equating them with followers of the flecknof of tautology.

Satirical Analysis of Mac Flecknoe and Absalom and Achitophel by John Dryden

Only the political and dramatic activities of Shadwell are mentioned, and his corpulent person is made fun of. Readers of “Mac Flecknoe” find their worlds linguistically turned upside down; princes are turned into dunces and prophets are turned into idiots. Mac Flecknoe is the first substantial mock-heroic poem and Thomas Shadwell is the hero of this epic.


Dryden mocks Shadwell by writing that his owls can be compared to the vultures of Romulus. Such a work uses the elevated style of the classical epic poem such as The Iliad to satirize human follies.

Mac Flecknoe: a Study Guide

Instead, he need only trust his natural instincts, and dullness will pour forth. Flecknoe continues his eulogy of Shadwell’s anxlysis by referring to his pretensions as a musician. For example, “Mac Flecknoe” undeniably ridicules, in particular, the literary ability and accomplishments of the restoration playwright, Thomas Shadwell.

Falling madly in love with him, she kisses him. The poem begins in the tone of an epic masterpiece, presenting Shadwell’s defining anslysis as dullness, just as every epic hero has a defining characteristic: But with the help of those who pity her—including a river god—she achieves success. Nearby is a nursery for children who will be trained as actors. A mock epic pretends that a person, a place, a thing, or an idea is extraordinary when — in the author’s view — it is actually insignificant and trivial.

Dryden also included occasional internal rhyme in the poem, as in the following lines. What was once respectable becomes disreputable; what was once praised becomes condemned. Character in The Humorists. Mac Flecknoe as a Mock-heroic Poem. Dryden’s purpose in writing “Mac Flecknoe” was to expose Shadwell as a mediocre writer—and to get even for Shadwell’s offenses against him.

The name of flceknoe kingdom is Nonsense. Introduction Biography of John Dryden bachelorandmaster. Their quarrel blossomed from the following disagreements: Angry that she has disobeyed his instructions, he leaves her.

Jacob Tonson published an edited and authorized copy of the poem in London in as part of a Dryden collection entitled Miscellany Poems.