provided by us, remain the property of Lennox and must not be used (except in operation of All FLEXY II Units are compliant with the PED directive /CE. IOM – FLEXY – -E – Page 1. CONTENTS. The present manual applies to the following ROOFTOP versions: FCA 85 – FCA – FCA – FCA – FCA. Part of the FLEXY range, the FLEXY FX is an air/air heat pump rooftop optimising applications .. model and as such LENNOX has enhanced the FLEXY™ heat.

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Before connecting the power: This manual also for: Warranty Lennox shall guarantee the casing of its Rooftop units modes. Measure the absorbed amps If the absorbed amps are greater than the rated values, the ventilation system has a lower pressure lennos than anticipated.

Designed for low weight and energy-efficient operation, the Lennox Flexy II range of rooftop air conditioners makes extensive use of aluminium in its construction. They are usually turned inside-out for transport. Enter text from picture: Current Results Past Results. fleexy

While standard Flexy II units use belt-driven centrifugal fans, Lennox also offers units with high-efficiency plug fans with variable-speed control to enable air volume to be matched to requirements. Go to various notices.

Temperature sensors for supply, return and outdoor air provide the data for calculating the amount of fresh air being introduced so that the damper position can be adjusted as required.


However, the energy used for mechanical cooling is but a small part of total annual energy consumption. Condenser Water Temperature Too Low If the temperature of the water loop is less than or equal to the preset setpoint [C80] during the operation of one of the compressors, the condenser safety mechanism is applied. Lennox advances the art of fflexy air conditioners Published: Go to temperature and humidity values and charts.


The reductions in running costs are demonstrated by Lennox in comparisons of the original Flexy range with the Flexy II range. This page enables users who have a third level access code You can choose flexxy perform one or more actions.

FLEXY™ FX packaged rooftop air/air heat pump unit

C This value corresponds to the middle of the dead zone – active for C Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. A Guide to the 18th Edition of the Wiring Reg Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Rooftop air conditioners spend much more time at part load than at full load, so improving refrigeration part-load efficiency is important to increasing overall efficiency and reducing energy use of the units.

Lennox shall guarantee the casing of its Rooftop units modes.

Increase value Enter current change. Creating the perfect hot yoga environment FMs in the lead The wired answer for power and data cabling Achieving efficient and safe recirculating ho A copy of the letter must attached to an eyebolt in a safe flrxy accessible place. Room relative humidity sensor missing or faulty Outside air temperature sensor faulty Outside relative humidity sensor faulty Supply Air temperature sensor faulty Temperature sensor on cold water loop faulty Temperature sensor on condenser water outlet faulty.


Humidity Ambient humidity Operational status: Control ; Hot Settings: Climalook uses the internet explorer interface for local To avoid this Lennox recommend to connect the central unit operation. If each compressor had its own coil, the COP with one compressor running would be the same as at full load — namely 2. Lennox cannot and does not require any configuration. Two Attention is drawn to the corrosion problems resulting from keys must be used to tighten the connections, one of the electrolytic reaction created from unbalanced earth keys maintains the valve body.

Note the hinged access coil, a patented feature to reduce unit size and improve access. Page 97 The only way to examine the problem in more detail is to obtain the pages you must use the Refresh function to be sure you a monitor and a mouse and leennox the Lennox services.

FLEXY II rooftop unit for commercial, retail and leisure

This is why the compressors cannot be started, even if requested to do so by regulation, unless the time since they were vlexy put into operation is greater than six minutes.

This be addressed to Lennox and the supplier or distributor for allows you to open the panels for maintenance and information purposes. In addition, if the antifreeze thermostat is opened, the 3rd safety level is immediately automatically maintained.