Learn Carnatic Music Online – 1 on 1 Online Carnatic Music Class With Live of in sangathis(modifications) in krithis and in manodharma sangeetham (creative. I’m assuming you mean an app to learn Indian Classical Music ‘Vocals’. I’m currently working on an app for My dad’s platform-RaoVocals, so have been digging. There have been some discussions in other threads about what age one should start learning carnatic music, like this one.

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Even some of the already employed elders, at a later period, even try to acquire a Degree in Music and switch over to the teaching job having higher salary. But, some of our members of this forum had even gone to the extent of writing all kinds of rubbish in their posts taking advantage of their anonymity. You deserve sangretham be given full attention sangetham respect. Formal lessons in vocal music can probably start when the child is 6 years. Not everyone wants to perform, some want to learn for the sheer joy of learning.

I got good feedback and some people thought I had been learning since my childhood.

Age to start learning carnatic music –

But, unfortunately, till now, none had uploaded even a single video. Young or old, both the guru and shishya should be equally committed and dedicated for teaching and learning. She even got me to the stage of singing kalpana swarams. It amazes me that they can do a fraction of the things you mention, let alone all of them as required on the professional stage and that, having mastered such a vast amount of technicality, they can, on top of all that, be creative as well.

More over, among all, this is the only invisible art on the globe requiring very high level of concentration and regular practice which are abundantly available only in the kids. Adding fuel to the fire, recently many universities have started this distance education only to earn money but not to maintain the standards by which the aspirants receive certificates and become the Degree-holders in music without the required expertise but resort to teaching successfully increasing the number of impotents and God alone knows the fate of such aspirants.


Our traditional Karnataka music is a system of its own kind on the globe having some special features. Mostly the elders are well settled in their life and try to acquire some thing else in their leisure time for their enjoyment.

In the same manner, even in respect of teaching, all the music-teachers prefer to teach as many number of items as they can, like one-dozen Saralee-svaras, one-dozen Janta-svaras, half-a-dozen Daatu-svaras, half-a-dozen Hetchu-sthayi-svaras, half-a-dozen Taggu-sthayi-svaras, 35 Alankaras, half-a-dozen Svara-pallavis, half-a-dozen Svara-jatis, half-a-gross 72 Varnas and more than one full gross Kritis excluding other compositions, according to the established traditional quantitative method of teaching, which increases only the abilities of memorising the items but not the true ability to manage with different Gatis or Nadais.

Thus, as you wrote, the young or old, both the guru and shishya are equally committed and dedicated for teaching and learning in their own way finding the difference only in the end of the show.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy | Learn Indian Music Online

However, as you wrote, our teachers are already available everywhere to, somehow, encourage them and not to let them give up their hope. This is not to belittle the accompanists.

On the other hand, I feel my ability to appreciate complexities and nuances of music has gone up over time. But, it is entirely different with kids. These words certainly give hope and confidence to many adults to start leaning Violin.


Having no other avocation, they can concentrate far more efficiently than adults and learn music very fast and efficiently, of course, basing upon the efficiency of the teacher. Any claims either way are true in certain contexts. If not, it becomes more difficult and I am not able to put in the effort to work with you to bring you up to the success level I think is appropriate.


Every front ranking musician says that one life is not enough to master everything in this art.

The exception is when the child may be a prodigy or a born natural – then they pick it up from the air. As we grow older it becomes more difficult to lwarn, mostly because of other preoccupations and preconditions.

I found this article insightful and wished to share it. The soft and wet mud only facilitates to make a sajgeetham and also to disturb it each time to make another but if it hardens it is not possible to make any changes in it. All your points are well taken and are very valuable observations, but why the first para in a negative way.

Some people seem to entertain the idea and subscribe to it very strongly that once you get old, you can not learn CM. Even some of the candidates who had recently passed M. All this I did only for the benefit of our kids but not for any personal aggrandizement at all. If this is a fantastic teacher, then you should probably spend some lesson time just to chat about what you want as a student, how you feel about their attitude toward you, and just work it out as openly and honestly as you can.

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