Kingdoms of Kalamar Campaign Setting Sourcebook. The Kingdoms of Kalamar is a big and ambitious campaign setting that harkens back to. Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20) : Home of Knights of the Dinner Table, HackMaster, Kingdoms of Kalamar. Kingdoms of Kalamar: Campaign Setting Sourcebook (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying) [Kenzer & Company Staff] on *FREE*.

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Tellene has three moons ; Diadolai, Pelselond and Veshemo. White space is not used well in this section. It’s a poor substitute for real design work. Visit the Official HackMaster website! It contains two large and beautiful maps that are glued into the book. Join Date Apr Posts 2, Ruins of ancient empires lie buried beneath burning desert sands, and their stories told in smoky back rooms attract brave fools eager for excitement and quick wealth.

It provides common names and alphabets for several major languages of the setting. There’s an attempt to make the lf more “realistic” by giving us a bunch of languages all suspiciously based on a letter alphabetconstellations a truly nice touch, and well-illustratedand a list of NPCs laid out in the most skeletal form possible–they’re done up in a chart, with just the bare facts of their existence given.

Kenzer & Company Kingdoms of Kalamar (d20)

A description of the god or goddess would be nice too, beyond simple appearance. I suppose ikngdoms is fine, but once I was done with the book, I had no real place jump out as one where I wanted to play in.

Anyway, I have been playing a Kalamar campaign since June and me and my players have enjoyed it greatly. It’s as if you’re given a world that is finely balanced, and the DM has to decide where to unbalance things to get it moving. I’ve been reading through this site to not only find ikngdoms about things that I might still want, or gems I’ve missed, but to compare reviews here with my own feelings on things I’ve already purchased.


Join Date Feb Location undisclosed Posts 3, I have heard a lot of people say they do not like this book because it lacks “the crunchy bits” but they are scheduled to be released later in a “Players Guide” which to me is another PLUS.

The Kalamar setting was apparently a stand alone fantasy game, now converted to 3E, but Kenzer did not do a great job of converting it to 3E. Skarrna is controlled by independent, feudal Skyrvalkkers, or battle lords, who kslamar a great amount of trade with the Reanaarians. The elven king retaliated by cursing the King of Brandobia with fruitful loins, resulting in triplet sons. Appendix Three details the code of law used through much of Tellene. Usage of this site, including but not limited to making or editing a post or private message or the creation of an account, constitutes acceptance of the Forum Rules.

The writing is just plain bad. Chapters 2 through 7 describe off regions of the continent of Tellene.

Things like history and personality would be great. It now sits as a wealthy confederacy, ruled by a Parliament of natives who amass a net worth of over 75, gold pieces. Not really, in scale or power, or even size it’s just one continent or so.

However, it suddenly disappears from page thrucomes back on pagedisappears again from page thru I agree with people on RPGnet that it looks like they just made a random name generator. Only minus the events of the upcoming year So ultimately, while not a bad book, it kingdoks fails as a d20 book, and as a campaign setting.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

Views Read Edit View history. It’s still essentially a 3rd party product- it was developed and written by an outside group, not WotC’s house staff. A couple of things are missing. It ultimately falls down under the weight of its own pretensions and fails at its real task: Now the DM can have his book and the players can have theirs.


This provides a fairly thorough introduction to each of these faiths but a notable hole is present: I prefer to call it world optimization.

This article needs additional citations for verification. At any rate the chart has character level and that’s it.

Next comes a chapter on the languages of the setting. You could cut it down to a page and a half, monsters would lingdoms about three sentences long.

I haven’t really jalamar into many of its books, but there were quite a few published adventures of varying quality and a few books that look like they may have been strictly fluff-only. The Kingdoms of Kalamar campaign setting offers a great variety of lands and cultures, each with their own unique flavor, and thus a wide variety of locations in which to base your campaign. The third chapter describes the history and lands of Kalamar, the namesake of the setting.

The setting guide is human centric.

Kingdoms of Kalamar

Dodera’s rulers have suffered from this and it is on its ninth Duke in sixteen years. The glue used for securing the maps into the book is a little too strong. The ancestors of the modern Reanaarians settled along the cost of Reanaaria Bay, forming a network of independent towns, villages, and city-states. The deities are given different names by different people, but the deities themselves cross all racial and cultural barriers.