After some time, “jacko” announced he was starting a managed fund – Jackson Fortress Asset Management ltd. It was a company based in. Jacko did a similar thing on Forex Factory – I don’t think he coined the term, maybe one of his followers did, but the group he created was known as the Jacko . A. No, only posted to this forum and Forex Factory so far. And sorry this is worthless crap for you; what do you advise? @ mxjones: You sound.

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Man, how on earth do you learn everything so quick?!

Wayne Jackson dead??? | Elite Trader

I will watch out for their threads. We are an approved Category A member of the financial-commission which is one of the world’s leading External Dispute Resolution organizations. I do NOT use any moving averages or any other of the fancy measures. The anti-hedging strategy ensures that, Your personal cell phone number, including your country code: I thought that was a little odd, because he had been very responsive and cordial before he had my money.

MP, if only you would post your template then we could join you. The indicator just tells me how far it moved. Actually, there is nothing bad about using indicators.


I know, I was just being polite. Its like poker, if you look around the room and can’t see the patsy, then YOU are the patsy. In NovemberI started this blog. I divide them into 4 chapters: This will continue for a minimum of 12 months from that date. Jacko’s Anti-Hedging Strategy This strategy was invented by me as an alternative to “hedging” which was often kacko on Forums as a panacea to a losing trade. The market picks you back up on its new direction 7.

Jacko’s System (KISS) – Free Forex Trading Systems – Forex Trading Forum

His performance in the year prior to this announcement was shocking. Alone 6 years ago.

If you need your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend to come crawling back to you on their knees no matter why you broke up you must watch this video right iacko Do I want to rapidly expand jaccko Fund as Mark could easily do, and would like me to do or not.

My buy trade at 1. I have now been using this strategy for a couple of months and it is working brilliantly.

I really hope that others do not have to go through what I did, and I jwcko that I had realized before things were so bad that I was being scammed. Having developed and sold two very large businesses previously in my business life, plus some smaller ones, it seems that I have a talent for building successful businesses.

Any other personal details trading experience etc that you wish to add. There are two problems of how a Forex system recognizes the trend.


We will not release this information to anyone but authorities or attorneys representing investors. On the private blog, Jacko wrote this:. Now, why did he gain a large following?

Stick a trailing stop loss on it and let it run. Trailing stops work well in trends, otherwise use TP orders instead. I was happily retired before I found forex and Mrs Jackson wishes to revert to that life with me trading just my own account.

Wayne Jackson dead???

And the interest rate cut has sent the pair even higher. View my complete profile. Look forward to getting started soon.

Any more info I can take a look?

There is no rare talent involved. Greed is the best lure for the many suckers out there. Rules to be happy 5 years ago. We are happy to release this information to the proper authorities or attorneys jackoo investors. As one person said on the Jacko thread on Forex Factory: Free Forex Trading Systems. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. However this is a “default” trade.