Title: Introduction to Psychology. Author: Stangor, Charles. Note: derived from Creative Commons licensed edition published by Flat World Knowledge, ca. Introduction to Psychology has 35 ratings and 10 reviews. Katie said: I enjoy reading psychology textbooks. In my opinion, the best of these have three t. This book is designed to help students organize their thinking about psychology at a conceptual level. The focus on behaviour and empiricism.

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Introduction to Psychology: Charles Stangor: : Books

Sometimes key words were italicized and sometimes phrases were – text would have benefited from a consistent use of bolding to emphasize key terms. Books by Charles Stangor. Preview — Introduction to Psychology by Charles Stangor. Content generally builds upon less complicated content to more complex theories and itnroduction.

I can’t say much more about the book, since I haven’t read many more on the subject, but it was a good read for me overall. The progression of chapters followed a logical order from a learning and instructing point of view. With regard to longevity, this text could have used for several years without needing updates, but it was published six years ago and is in need of inclusion of more recent research and examples.

I think this text meets that goal. The represented areas of psychology all align with other introductory texts e. Author was very careful and sensitive about the cultural relevance.

Learn more about Amazon Prime. The insertion of key terms at the end of a fo along with an addition of a glossary for terminology would make this text more accessible and easy to navigate. This text could easily be subdivided into smaller reading sections — instructors could assign particular sections within a chapter.


Introduction to Psychology, by Charles Stangor | The Online Books Page

When there was discussion of differences between groups of people in regard to race, sex and gender, these differences were named and yet poorly explored; therefore, readers lost opportunities to engage the material with a global view, and potentially could have formed biased or incomplete information about various groups.

This book was pretty useful for reviewing material I hadn’t seen in a while, but I wouldn’t really recommend it to someone who has little background in psychology. The organization and flow of the text is good, with the already-noted issue of the modularity compromising the connection between chapters.

Some of the content of this text is out-of-date. The statistics graph is taken from and not from Showing of 10 reviews. The book inntroduction to be organized in a fashion so that the content can be updated quite easily when needed. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

The use of excellent examples also helps to provide the context. The text was consistent in its presentation of information regarding formatting, depth, and use of real life and research related examples. psychollgy

Some aspects of the material did not Unfortunately, the author seemed to be attempting to persuade the reader follow his beliefs in several areas of the content e.

If accuracy is defined as the absence of bias, there is nothing that would likely be glaring to the typical undergraduate reading the text. Psychology is a discipline where there are pwychology themes. As an instructor and with more comprehensive understanding, the errors were minimally noticeable; nothing observed was falsely reported, simply lacking as comprehensive discussion as possible.


The book starts with an introductory chapter that includes the definition of psychology, as well as an interestingly-written history of psychology.

Introduction to Psychology

The book covers in great detail all of the chapters that would appear in a typical introduction to psychology textbook, with the exception of a chapter on stress and coping.

There was little to no discussion of the historical impacts of psychologists of color or women psychologists. Consistent with his concern, his text is not as comprehensive as others I have used to teach introductory Most of the links to the videos provided within each chapter did not work.

There are enough visuals and video links in each chapter to break up the narrative portions and reinforce the content. The book does not seem overwelming which ingroduction college textbooks seem to be. I want you give 4-star for chapter 4 but I gave 3-stars in total. I would include a chart on the various careers in Psychology since young people are exploring job options.