Deciding and Parting. Display it in the King’s Chambers. There is a connection to the spirits that will carry you through. Cry out even in adversity. This decree. 43 — Resoluteness — HEXAGRAM NUMBER FORTY-THREE –. RESOLUTENESS. Other titles: Break-through, The Symbol of Decision, Resolution. Hexagram 43 is called 夬, guai, which is generally understood to mean’decision’ or ‘resoluteness’ or ‘breakthrough’. The oldest forms of the.

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The sages of later ages exchanged these for written tallies, and hexqgrama means of these all the various officials were kept in order, and the myriad folk were supervised. Vigor in the face has bad luck. A vision and a plan are emerging and a way uexagrama carry it into the world. Despite Legge’s one-sentence dismissal of this line in his annotation, there is a great deal of ambiguity here.

There is more examination and preparation needed in this situation.

Hexagram 43, Deciding

To decide now is to walk out alone, though you may end up bedraggled and sputtering. A decisive change, the time to eliminate unskillful practices and share new wellbeing. Any challenges you face might actually be transforming your thinking. Jexagrama gives way to motion.

Psychologically, the idea is clear enough: Notice the range of interpretations for the Confucian commentary: During a heated exchange or times of difficulties with another it is hard to see the Teacher in the Adversary.

No flesh on the buttocks, not making progress. Step 5 Outer Center: The Tuanzhuan says that taking up arms would mean what you hold in high esteem comes to nothing — which actually seems odd: One arms at night against the unexpected without fear.


James DeKorne’s Official Website – The Gnostic Book of Changes – Hexagram 43

You face a stubborn problem and have to choose between two alternatives. Although your entire milieu may be against this foe, the battle is still yours. Line 5 Uprooting corruption in high places is difficult, and can only hexagrma accomplished by a steady and determined effort.

Breakthrough Hu Gua hidden influence 1 Creative: Because one has attained balance. Find the seed of the ne w by standing alone without fear.

Being armed and fearless is indicated by the central position of this line. Be optimistic, but be careful. Have I a negative side? Balanced action is faultless, but balance is not yet obvious. This line joins hexabrama Hexagram 5, Waiting: Leading a sheep, regret disappears. Center moving, without fault.

Hear words, not trusted. Be willing to walk alone if someone else does not share your cause. The image here is clearly one of willful stubbornness. Changing Line Interpretations Line 1 bottom line To press forward when you are not equal to the task would be to invite mistakes and misfortune.

If you would submit to the difficult times and allow others to lead, your problems would resolve themselves. Tao and the Masters. Most of the others imply room for discretion about what needs to be revealed.

The inspiring force retreats to the underworld waters.

I Ching Hexagram 43

When one goes without being equal to the task, it is a mistake. Line 3 This line points to someone caught in an ambiguous situation, where existing relationships interfere with a struggle against negative forces. Line one, the first line in the lower trigram of Strength, is in the lowest place in the hexagram. And he who takes his hand from the plough of his immediate Earthly duty, which is a Cosmic and Spiritual duty also, however much familiarity may tend to breed contemptwill never by that act attain to his heavenly home in the stars.


Eventually discrimination will cease, and the original spirit will return; the human mind will sublimate and the mind of Tao will be complete — again you will see the original self.

Originally Posted by Moss Elk. Please type these characters required. Leading the sheep, regret disappears. The Realizing Person goes hexagram alone: There is no crying out; in the winter there is inauspiciousness. Log in to search the I Ching Community, view your profile or private messages or check the latest updates.

Forum Shared Readings Hexagram 43 for relationship potential. Being beyond the central position gives an indication of evil. At the outset, hexagrzma man presses forward prematurely without sufficient preparation and strength. Now ’tis the spring, and weeds are shallow-rooted; Suffer them now and they’ll o’ergrow the garden. To succeed, let your determination include sensitivity, readiness and caution. The line texts of 43, true to its sense of direction and momentum, tell a story.

In the end there will be no blame against him. The man remains alert to unseen dangers at all times. Click on the links to connect with the Relating Figure generated by hexgrama line.