H11A1Z Datasheet PDF Download – VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler, H11A1Z data sheet. H11A1Z VDE Approved Transistor Output Optocoupler Components datasheet pdf data sheet FREE from Datasheet (data sheet) search for. H11A1Z Datasheet: VDE APPROVED TRANSISTOR OUTPUT OPTOCOUPLER, H11A1Z PDF Download ETC1, H11A1Z Datasheet PDF, Pinouts, Data Sheet.

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H11A1Z Datasheet PDF – ETC1

Devices are supplied as a chip for the user to connect to. They provide highly accurate attenuation over a wide range of wavelengths. The reflector inside the package is filled with clear epoxy. The 3mm LEDs are fitted in high quality satin chrome or black chrome plated brass housings, fitted with fixing nut and washer.

These semiconductor lasers are packaged in industry-standard compact 5. Includes amplifier, voltage regulator, Schmitt trigger and totem pole output stage for direct TTL interfacing. The lens bezel is electrically connected to the case of the lamp.

This gives various options for positioning the light and offers a number of combinations of either single or multiple light pipes giving vertical, right angled or flexible light output. Unsuitable for use with a voltage dropping series resistor. AC operation gives a third intermediate colour, e. CTR ma Type Max. First, connect the LED and the resistor, by twisting the wires together. Order Code Cool White 10 85lm The low profile package design is suitable for a wide variety of applications especially where height is a contraint.


This is an ever changing industry and as such all specifications More information. Panel Cut-Out Recessed yellow Mounting hole dia.

H11A1Z Datasheet(PDF) – List of Unclassifed Manufacturers

All types except are UL recognised. Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow solder hh11a1z. The red laser modules are available with either a fixed or adjustable focus, the wavelength being in the red region at nm.

The deep reflector types are fully recessed with a parabolic shroud which focuses the light output to give satasheet strong directional signal. A type of LCD screen in which the pixels are illuminated from behind the monitor s screen opposite of the user.

H11A1Z Datasheet PDF

Items ending in either V-M or. Contents in this document are subject to change without notice. The two lens options add to the diversity of potential applications including displays, backlighting and illumination. Order Colour List No. Direct operation from V ac mains voltage supplies.

The dataeheet come in various divergences and offer diffused and clear options.


Please recycle this catalogue after use. Ultra high luminous efficacy, combined with the flexibility in design due. They interface directly to 8-bit and -bit microprocessors. The range includes the “lambertian” and “side” emitting variants. Connecting and soldering LEDs must be connected the correct way round, the diagram. Datashete colour LEDs connected common cathode. Intelligent circuitry allows operation with either AC or DC h1a1z voltages of 8 to 8 volts, allowing optimum brightness levels to be achieved.

Brightness level of a h111az ultra-white hi-brightness M-Tube is lx compared with lx from a typical 10W mm fluorescent tube. This ability to change colour enables panels to be used without the need for additional LED s on the equipment front panel. Data Pack F Issued November 0 Data Sheet Electronic displays Three types of display are available; each has differences as far as the display appearance, operation and electrical characteristics.

The indicator is fitted with solder tags for easy connection.