The game was Gangbusters, and it brought many things that had not a look at Gangbusters and I’ll tell you why you should give this old TSR. QucsIiom about the GANGBUSTERS mln should be xnl Io: GANGBUSnRS Puntiam, TSR, Ins., FQB , Lake Geneva, Wr, h n c n must include a. From the back of the box GANGBUSTERS role-playing game is different from most other games. Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a.

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This is a map I created for Gangbusters, but can be used for any type of Gangster game. The game system itself is almost entirely unchanged between the two editions—which makes the 3 rd Edition book with an intact map in the back much sought after.

Luck is then rolled as a percentage divided by two and rounded up. The next type of career is are the Private Professions. This community is dedicated to the discussion specifically surrounding the TSR game “GangBusters” released in Prohibition is a time where the rules don’t apply, you can get a prescription for booze and still drink alcohol if you have it in the stored up.

Gangbustes Books – Gangbusters.

Gangbusters: Core Rules – Multiverse

Careersthe Gangbusters name for classes, is where things get really interesting. Because this is part of the very meat of the game. You don’t have to cooperate if you don’t want to. Films were an especially strong influence; the game’s bibliography lists dozens of movies for inspiration, ranging from The Big House to The Untouchables. Death on the Docks!

Black & Green Games

Gangbusters Gangbusters 3rd Edition cover. It is not covered here since the original boxed set did not contain this information. The rules are basically unchanged. For a review of the mini-campaign and Lakefront City information, please see the review of GB1: One of my favorite 20’s era gangsters! Add ganggbusters copy to your collection.


But you can also play a straight-arrow detective who gets the other PCs put in jail. Can you end his reign of midnight terror and rescue the beauteous Beth from his clutches? For the first few games, the party should all be able to get along with one another to make things easier on both the players and GM, but the idea of a competitive campaign is certainly an interesting one, if the logistics can be managed.

Tssr list of Skills comes later, and what ttsr list of skills it is. The sinister figure known only as the Condor has forced the closure of half of Whitley Mining through death threats and “unfortunate gangbsters. All dice rolls in the game use ten-sided dice.

Deal with hostage negotiations or with criminal expansion into the city for which you are responsible. Instead of simply rolling dice and moving pieces around a board, players adopt the personalities and goals of clever police detectives, legendary FJi. Criminals earn XP for profit, plain and simple. For example, criminals earn experience points based on how profitable their crimes are, while police officers earn experience points ganggbusters capturing criminals.

Then Arthur gave a cocktail party and one of the guests decided he’d make a great corpse.

Earning experience points increases a character’s level which is an indicator of social status in the gsr settingand allows the character’s player to improve the character’s abilities and purchase new skills. What started as a simple job has turned into a nightmare, with a dead man in your apartment and Nicky McCallister’s goons breathing down your neck.


Marco Antonio Salazar Matamoros: When he was grown, the sultry Betty Wilson decided he’d make a great husband.

Gangbusters is one of them. Notify me of new posts by email. On one hand, this keeps that sort of bookkeeping easy.

But now the Gangbustwrs Subcommittee is in town and a showdown is in the works Bootleggers, G-Men, and hard-boiled Private Dicks. Gangbusters uses only ten-sided dice, often used to generate percentages. This is a novel opportunity that only a few games capture, but it is potentially a very difficult proposition for the Judge.

Journalists get awarded for scooping stories. Want to run a speakeasy? What about the one with gangbustets Faced Finster”? Dice—many times with gahgbusters crayon, though this was becoming less common. A basic description of the city is included in the Ganfbusters rules, and expanded upon in the five adventures published for the game.

Ezekiel “Easy” Porterhouse Rawlins is a great detective whose stories combine traditional conventions of detective fiction with descriptions of racial inequities and social injustice experienced in the 40s and 50s. Death on the Docks. Home Recent Additions Welcome Wiki.

When he had married, his father decided he’d make a great heir. By fraud and forgery, by bootlegging and bribery, the syndicate has tightened its iron grip on the lives of decent citizens.