An understanding of Rider’s respiratory distress is essential to a sound inter- pretation of William Faulkner’s “Pantaloon in Black.” It opens an avenue of meaning. Faulkner Pantaloon in Black PDF – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read online for free. Faulkner-pantaloon-in-black-pdf. Go Down, Moses) “Pantaloon in Black” may be found to reside in an ol southern black and white country blues song which Faulkner probably knew and which.

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He and the people around him will continue to suffer from illness, injury, death, fraud, slander, prejudice, irrationality, loneliness, and hope. The ending, with its mixture of comic and tragic, makes the story more powerful than ever. While some of the eight previously published stories were radically revised for use in the novel, he made almost no changes to the magazine version of Fauulkner story. Works Cited Bentley, Eric.

“Pantaloon in Black” (Text Key 2089)

Blcak successful man, he makes “good money” working at a sawmill, “the head of the timber gang itself,” a gang that moves “a third again as much timber between sunup and sundown as any other moved” Faulkner But as he stands there dripping with pie juice, Rider answers: Faulkner In the midst of such grief, he presents a comical picture as food spatters and his chair overturns, but the words cold, lifeless, not even warmed represent the appalling world in which he exists.

As Professor Kinney points out. To their center comes Rider, playing the pantaloon, another fool who, according to Skei can rip off masks and rage at others Center for Faulkner Studies. As we laugh lightly in amazement at his fear, panntaloon feel the disorder around him and shed a tear, for we can guess what will come.


Such is the ultimate absurdity that man faces. He then connects both with the white man whose dominance in throwing the dice and in organizing the game seems especially contrived.

Leff Him come down Hyar and do me some good. In “Pantaloon in Black,” Faulkner successfully mixes the comic and the tragic to show the absurdity man faces. The absurd universe emerges in his response, for Rider understands that “bad things happen to good people” and he rejects a God who allows such to happen.

Pantaloon in Black

Of course, such a comic fool could never understand the depth of the other fool the ranting Rider who goes to jail willingly, yet absurdly insists on being free. Whut He wanter come messin wid me and-?

Mourning the sudden unexplained death of his wife Mannie, Rider, distorted with grief, buries her in an almost violent way. But as he stands there dripping with pie juice, Rider answers:. But instead of killing himself, he succeeds, ironically, in moving the log which “seem[s] to leap suddenly backward over vaulkner head of its own volition, spinning, crashing, and thundering down the incline. Encyclopedia of World Drama.

Rider’s aunt, his surrogate mother, then intrudes into his mourning, and as Lemon points out, tries to get him to return to his childhood and come home with her Lemon Again he eats like a hungry wolf, blinking, as sticky syrup trickles over him. In a fight right out of commedia del arte:. Next he runs madly, like a clown, to a bootlegger, a white man, who refuses to sell him a gallon but offers to give him a pint. Faulkner God, he will accept, only if God will come now and help him, and he knows little chance exists that that will happen.


Not even warmed from mouth-heat pease and spoon spattered and rang upon the plate; his chair crashed backward and he was standing, feeling the muscles of his jaw beginning to drag his mouth open, tugging upward the top half of his head.

ESSAY CEMETERY: Pantaloon in Black by William Faulkner – Summary

Because of her he has, after their marriage, given up his Saturday night and Sunday dice and whiskey. Faulkner Again he eats like a faulkber wolf, blinking, as sticky syrup trickles over him.

How to cite this resource: University of South Carolina Press, Bentley In these few words Eric Bentley, an eminent literary critic, points out the power, the purpose, and the effect of mixing tones in literature. Bladk Miscegenation of Time. Fortunately for the American Reader, Faulkner felt this guilt for in working through the absurdities of his own life, he gives us an understanding of our own.