Such is the case in Eliot Schrefer’s dazzling, big-hearted novel “Endangered,” which has been named a National Book Award finalist in the. Schrefer (“The Deadly Sister”) presents the compelling tale of a girl who must save a group of bonobos — and herself — from a violent coup in the Congo. In ENDANGERED, Eliot Schrefer plunges us into a heart-stopping exploration of the things we do to survive, the sacrifices we make to help.

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Schrefer endamgered an amazing job communicating their physical and emotional hardships, giving readers a feel for the community and ways of the bonobos and how they link to us humans, and also a straightforward view of the way the conflict affects humans as well, both the victims and the transgressors.

As an American Teenager, working at a sanctuary for the primates is not ideal. This is a book about survival, finding family in an unexpected way with unexpected animals, being caught in a lethal conflict of a country imploding in on schgefer, and being responsible for someone other than yourself.

Nov 28, Gillian Berry rated it it was amazing.

Endangered (Ape Quartet #1) by Eliot Schrefer

Originally posted at Writer of Wrongs Not long after the transaction in which Sophie purchased Otto for what is, in that country, an astronomical sum of American cash, the same man shows up at the sanctuary with a pair of even-younger baby bonobos to sell. To view it, click eiot. I feel like I shouls have such a clearer picture of Sophie and what kind of person she is, but most of the time she came across as a typical stubborn, impulse decision making teenager.


It’s her mother’s passion, and she’d rather have nothing to do with it.


Five Things about Endangered: I was inspired by hearing the story of a basic American girl learning about life outside of the country. If you are, I won’t help you. Although a YA book, I highly recommend this for all ages, and I can see this drama playing out on the big screen! Shrefer for animal lovers and anyone wanting to learn more about Africa, or the great apes called bonobos.

Man, I really enjoy saying that word out loud. Schrefer has done a great deal of research to make this true to the circumstances and does not sugarcoat the terrible truth of the human and animal suffering that is created by greed and endangeted.

eliot-schrefer | Endangered

I could not put this book down and read it in two days. It is extremely difficult to even begin to present to anyone the horrific and complicated conflicts such as what happened in Rwanda, Sierra Leone, and the Ivory Coast or the food crises and conflicts in recent years in Somalia and Bh, as well as what is still happening in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The day of her arrival for her summer stay, she makes a poor judgment call, though out of compassion, and we find her in t Synopsis: I also very much liked the interview with author Eliot Schrefer at the back of the book.

Still it was only when I saw that the book was a finalist for the National Book Award that I finally picked it up. In a time of war, that is accurate to have happen, but I suppose I thought the grieving time for the main character, Sophie, would be a bit longer and that the recognition of these kind people being mercilessly killed would be greater.

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It sure seems that every time we lose one of those threads, the planet looks and feels a bit more shabby for it.

But overall, enjoyed this very much.

The trick–the beautiful, saving trick–is to make the reader care enough about the heroine and believe enough in her wit and pluck to trigger that accommodation we make mentally in a book, where we go, “Okay, yes, it’s really unlikely that this character could survive this, but oooooh I’m so glad she did.

Despite his pleas, her mother would not accompany them because she has established the only sanctuary in the world devoted to bonobos. But I never missed it.

Open Preview See a Problem? I mean, it is not Little Beewhich caused me much rocking and moaning in the corner. Oct 10, Laura McNeal rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can imagine some animated discussions over this decision.

Feminists have had the same insight about violence against women and children. Although usually I have trouble getting into realistic fiction books I was immediately hooked by Endangered.


Perhaps the most important writing Schrefer does in this book is reinforce the fact that we must understand those whom we hope to help FIRST. Being a person who loves wildlife and the environment, this book was amazing. When Sophie has to travel to Congo, a dangerous country on its way to war, She is not thrilled.

I never felt overwhelmed, just thrust into this world and its characters. This book is not for everyone.