Abu Hamza Thumali (r.a) was a close companion of Imam Sajjad (a.s) He has related that during the month of Ramadhan Imam Sajjad (a.s) used to spend a. Dua taught by Imam Ali Zaynul Abideen (pbuh) to Abu Hamza Thumali, who said that Imam used to recite it at the time of the beginning of the fast. the fast he recited the following dua’a. This Du„ā‟ has been recorded in the Read the invocation of Abū Hamza Thumālī as uttered by. Imam Sayyid as- Sājidīn.

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Shia prayers Salah terminology. And if You were to not hxmza but the people of loyalty to You, then to whom the offenders would resort to?

Peace of Thee be upon Prophet Muhammad and his honored family. Disappoint not my expectation in Your benevolence and known favor because You are my Confidant and Security, And do not deprive me of Your reward for You are Aware of my poverty.

Forgive for the living or deceased of us, believers thunali present and the absent, our male and female, our young and old, our free and our slave, Indeed the antagonists of Allah lied and enormously wandered astray, and incurred a major loss.

O’ The Most bountiful who was ever wished! O’ the Foremost of whom thuma,i ever asked!

My knowledge, O’ my Master, is that which guides me to You and my love is my intercessor to You, and I am trusting of my evidence with Your guidance and comfortable of my intercessor with Your intercession. O’ Knower of all that is hidden!

Punish me not while I am pleading to You! Accept my prayer And renown my commemoration, And elevate my degree, And forgive my sin. You are the One who overflows the streams of favors on those who do not even implore You and on those who rejected Your divinity, So how would You not, O’ Master, grant the same to the one who ahmza You and submitted with certainty that the creation is yours and the command is to You?

You are the one who is never burdened by the pleas of the beseecher, nor are You ever encumbered in rewarding Your grantee, Verily, You are how You describe Yourself and above what we describe. So, O’ dka Lord! Dua a Abu-Hamza Al-Thumali. And return me not to an error You rescued me from before, O’ the Lord and Cherisher of the worlds! All Praise is for Allah whom I do not anu to anyone but Him, for if I pleaded to others, they would not grant me.

All Praise is for Allah who endeared me even though He is not in need of me. I find the roads of wishes to You wide open, And the rivers of hope to You vast and running, And counting on Your bountifulness in times of need for those who wished You freely thumli, And fhumali gates of prayer tnumali those who are disparate, wide ajar, And I know that You are for those who ask You in the position of answer, And for those who are distressed, You are in a posture of rescue.

And what rushes me towards Your forbidden actions is my awareness of the vastness of Your mercy and the greatness of Your forgiveness. Ali al-Ridhathe eighth Imam of Shia, stated about him: And to where shall I run away from my sins when my fate is concluded?

Supplication of Abu Hamza al-Thumali – Wikipedia

And what is the value of my good deeds beside Your gifts and fortitude with me? All Praise is for Allah who treats me with clemency, just as if I have no sin. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. O’ Greatest giver of all good! My excuse, O’ Allah in my daring to ask You, even though I have committed what You hate, is Your benevolence and generosity, and my preparation for my adversity, given that I lack shyness in committing sinis Your forbearance and mercy.

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For if any one today other than You would have known of my sin, I would not have sinned, And if I feared that You may hasten my punishment, I would have avoided sinning, Not because You are not an important watcher, nor an unworthy onlooker, but because You, my Lord, are the best secret keeper, and the Wisest of all rulers, and Most generous of all generous. I ask You to grant me a faith that has no maturity until I meet You, Prolong my life as long as You maintain me on it, and claim my soul as long as You claim my soul while it is on it faithand resurrect me as long as You resurrect me on it; And purify my heart from pretension, doubt, and seeking reputation through Your religion so that all my deeds would be solely intended for You.

And I swear with Your glory, that even if You send me away that I would not depart from Your door, and I would not cease to compliment You, for my heart has been fully inspired with the knowledge of Your benevolence and vastness of compassion. O’ the one who is full of majesty, bounty and honor!

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali

He died in the year A. O’ One who liberates the captives, accepts the little of good deedsand pardons the numerous of sinaccept from me the little good I have done, and forgive for me the numerous sins I have committed ; Indeed, You are the Most Merciful and Oft-forgiving.

Abu Hamza al-Thumali had great esteem for Imams, and they apparently considered him trustworthy. I am asking You for what I do not deserve, but You are the Lord of righteousness and the Lord hammza forgiveness, So, forgive for me and veil me from Your sight with a cloak jamza masks all my liabilities, thus forgiving me so that I may never be reclaimed with it, Indeed, You are the possessor of ancient favor, great pardon and generous forgiveness.

You, my Lord, are more vast in bounty and greater in patience and clemency than to judge me according to my wrong doing and fault, So I beg You: And whose bounties would I anticipate if I lacked Your grants on the day of my destitution judgment day? And I have sought You for my wish, and directed my need to You, and I depend on You for my rescue, and I assign my pleading hamzza You by praying to You, doing this while knowing that I am not worthy of Your listening to me nor do I have a right on You to pardon me, but I do so because I trust in Your generosity, and I submit to Your true promise to answer our prayers and I take refuge through believing in Your unity, and through my certainty of knowledge about You, that indeed I have no other god or lord but You, only You; there is no partner for You.

I ask You to saturate my heart with Your love, fearing and observing You, believing in Your holy book, faith in You, fright from You, and longing to You. To where would a slave go but to his master, To where would a creature seek refuge but to his Creator.

If You cause me to enter the hell fire, it will be to the pleasure of Your enemy, But if You cause me to enter paradise, it will be to the pleasure of Your Prophet, And verily, Oh Allah, I know that the pleasure of Your Prophet is more favorable to You than the pleasure of Your enemy. Award me vastness in sustenance, And security in my homeland, And the thukali of the eye in family, finances and offspring, And the continued enjoyment of Your bounties, And health and strength in the body, And safeguard in faith, And forever utilize me in establishing Your obedience and that of Prophet Muhammad peace of Allah upon him and his household, as everlong as You advance my age, And compel me to have the biggest share among Your worshipers in whatever good You ever caused to descend and especially what You award in the month of Ramadan, in the Night of the Decree, and what You are awarding every year from thhmali that You dispense, and good health that You harness, and crises that You deter, and good deeds that You accept and bless, and sins that You acquit.


My hope, my Master is ever great, but my deeds have worsened, so grant me from Your pardon by as much as I had hoped, and please, do not judge me by my worst mischief, for Your generosity is greater than punishing the sinners, and Your forbearance and patience is higher than recompensing the inadequates.

Forgive me and my parents and grant them mercy as they have raised me since I was youthful, reward their good deeds with bountifulness and pardon their sins with forgiveness. You are the well doer and we are the sinners, Avu pardon, O’ my Lord, the ugly that we have with the beauties that You have, And what ignorance, O’ my Lord, can not be accommodated by Your benevolence?

Dua Abu Hamza Thumali

In Your remembrance, my heart flourished, And in confiding to You, I relieved my pain of fright. And I am wishful that my hope will not be disappointed, so fulfill my ambition and accept my prayer, O’ The Best who was ever prayed to! Many scholars have written explanations for supplication of Abu Hamzah Thumali, including the following:.

He wrote several works about Islamic subjects such as the Kitab fi Tafsir al-Quran al-Karim an exegesis of the QuranKitab al-Nawadir a book on the rare thingsKitab al-Zuhd on asceticism and Al-Risalah al-Huquq about all kinds of rights.

O’ Forgiver of sin!

Supplication of Abu Hamza al-Thumali

Upon You I rest my dependence, destination, hope and reliance, And with Your mercy I cling, And on Your grounds, I conclude my journey, And to Your generosity I direct my request, And with Your generosity, O’ Allah, I commence my prayer, And with You I seek relief from my indigence, And with Your wealth I mend my poverty, And under the shadow of Your pardon, I stand, And to Your generosity and benevolence, I raise my eyesight, And to Your favor, I prolong my vision, So, burn me not in the hell fire because You are where I place my au, And, reside me not in the bottomless pit hell for You are indeed the comfort of my eye.

The supplication touches on following subjects: Evidently, the command is yours, for You are the only One without partners, and all creatures are in Your maintenance and within Your grip, and thumli submits to You, blessed You are O’ Lord and Cherisher of the yhumali.

Guard me with Your safeguard, And protect me with Your protection, And ally me with Your alliance, And award me the ability to conduct pilgrimage to Your sacred house Ka’ba in this year and in every year, and to visit the tomb of Your prophet and the Imams, peace be upon them, and do not deprive me, Oh Lord, from visiting these honorable sanctuaries and noble positions.

If You pardon methen no one is more worthy of pardoning than You, And if You punish methen no one is more just than You in judgment.