DOD 5200.2-R PDF

DoD R, “Department o£ Defense Personnel Security Program,” December , is hereby canceled as of December 31, DoD M – National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual. ( NISPOM) DoD R – Personnel Security Program. DOD R: DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE PERSONNEL SECURITY PROGRAM.

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Of particular concern are three types of role conflict: It is different with juveniles, however. The information collected must be sufficient to allow an affirmative or negative determination of a person’s eligibility for access to classified information.

DOD 5200.2-R PDF

Deliberate or negligent failure to comply with rules and regulations for protecting classified or other sensitive information raises doubt about an individual’s trustworthiness, judgment, reliability or willingness and ability to safeguard such information and is a serious security concern.

Cleared employees must respect regulations whether they agree with them or not. These two approaches come together in the “whole person” concept, which is fundamental to the adjudicative process. Individuals who are unstable or poorly adjusted, have a significant character weakness or suffer from mental illness may react in ways that are self-destructive, counterproductive or illegal.

An industrial security clearance case involves the adjudication of the security eligibility of officers and employees of defense contractors under Executive Order and DoD Directive Records are electronically deleted from the database. Government should be consulted when evaluating potentially disqualifying and mitigating information.

Skip to main content Press Enter. The quality and completeness of investigation can be judged, in part, by the extent to which people who have been very close to subject are available as sources. Any deliberate violation of security rules or regulations, including Handling Protected Information during previous employment in the private sector, is a significant concern, as it may indicate indifference toward national security or a general inability or unwillingness to abide by the security regulations.

The role of the adjudicator is to ensure that all doubts concerning personnel being granted eligibility for access to classified information shall be resolved in favor of national security. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Decisions regarding eligibility for access to classified information take into account factors that could cause a conflict of interest and place a person in the position of having to choose between his or her commitments to the United States, including the commitment to protect classified information, and any other compelling loyalty.


The socially responsible person has appropriate respect for authority, comfortably accepts ordinary rules and regulations, and deals fairly with others.

Those who abuse alcohol are more likely than others to engage in high-risk, thoughtless or violent behaviors. Mental health is a security concern because it influences how a person perceives the world, makes decisions and manages stress.

The adjudication process seeks reasonable assurance that persons granted access to classified information are persons: What most people do not know is that within each topic or issue, there are between 6 and 10 sub-topics or issues. A fundamental security principle is that all doubts concerning personnel having access to classified data shall be resolved in favor of national security. A personnel security clearance is an administrative determination by a certified adjudicator that an individual is eligible under national security standards for access to classified information.

DoD R, “Personnel Security Program,” 1/

Such behavior is sometimes part of a more general pattern of inability or unwillingness to follow rules that should also be evaluated under the Personal Conduct Guideline. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Capacity for Making Commitment Obligations that accompany a security clearance involve a lifetime commitment to maintain secrecy. The fact that an individual has had, or continues to have, an emotional, mental or psychological condition does not, by itself, preclude granting access to classified information. Unfavorable information is more useful when time and frequency are expressed in specific rather did general terms: The nature, extent, and seriousness of the conduct.

The adjudication process seeks reasonable assurance that persons granted access to classified information are persons:. Sexual behavior that involves a criminal offense; indicates a personality or emotional disorder; reflects a lack of judgment or discretion; or may subject an applicant to undue influence or coercion, exploitation or duress can raise questions about the applicant’s reliability, trustworthiness and ability to protect classified national security information CNSI. It is when an individual’s activities present a potential 52000.2-r with their role as a clearance holder that a national security concern dox.


The potential for pressure, coercion, exploitation, or duress. Although adverse information concerning a single criterion may not be sufficient for an unfavorable determination, the individual may be disqualified if available information reflects a recent or recurring pattern of questionable judgment, irresponsibility or emotionally unstable behavior.

Willingness and ability to comply with rules and regulations is, therefore, an important qualification for access to classified information. This range of values will indicate the level of severity per issue or topic.

Information Technology IT Systems include all related computer hardware, 55200.2-r, firmware and data used odd the communication, transmission, processing, manipulation, storage or protection of information. It provides a means for adjudicators to consider a pattern of unreliable and untrustworthy behavior that may 52002-r multiple guidelines.

Allegiance to the United States An applicant must be of unquestioned allegiance to the United States. Excessive alcohol consumption often leads to questionable judgment or the failure to control impulses and can raise questions about an applicant’s reliability and trustworthiness. The 13 Adjudicative Guidelines The following adjudicative guidelines are established for all U.

The security clearance 5200.2-e begins when a company, government agency or military branch determines that 52000.2-r employee or candidate for employment requires a personnel security clearance to access classified information in order to perform the duties of his or her position. Dor topic or issue will range anywhere from not severe You have nothing to worry aboutto very severe Your security clearance application has a high probability of being denied.