Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet from tgdchmi2. This cheat sheet contains most used markup syntax for Atlassian Confluance, a few often used. Confluence Markup Cheat Sheet by Michael Christen (tgdchmi2) via Attention. (1) . Markup (Wiki Syntax). {quote} Multiple-line quote {quote}. Colored text, {color:green}Colored text{color}. Underlined (inserted) text, +Underlined (inserted) text+. Deleted text, -Deleted.

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Powered by Confluence and Scroll Viewport. Thumbnails must be enabled by the site administrator for this to work. This is equivalent to a continuous line of text followed by a blank line.

The background color of the title section of this panel Example: Insert a block of wiki markup or markdown into the Confluence editor. This is a short list: If a fully qualified URL is given the image will be displayed from the remote source, otherwise an attached wikj file is displayed.

Creates a link to an external resource, special characters that come after the URL and are not part of it must be separated with a space. What you need to type What you’ll get h1.

What you wiku to type What you’ll get! Other types of files can be used, but may require the specification of the “classid”, “codebase” and “pluginspage” properties in order to be recognised by web browsers. Inserts an image into the page. To create a horizontal line across the width of your page or content block, type four dashes like this: Add custom content to the shfetheader or footer of a space.


Allows you to create a simple table with an optional header row.

Confluence Support

Specify colors by name or hex value. Keyboard shortcuts fall into this basket. Item 1 Item 2 Item 3. Related content No related content found. To italicize parts of a word, add braces curly brackets around the underscore.

Embraces a block of text within a fully customizable panel. For most purposes, explicit line breaks are not required because a single carriage return is enough. Make sure there is a space between the asterisk and your text. Some block quoted text. If you wish to style seet div and its contents, override the “embeddedObject” CSS class. Specifies the amount of makrup to be inserted above and below the image in pixels.

Specifies alternate text for the image.

clu2’s notes: Confluence Wiki Markup Langauge cheat sheet

Or something like that. Specifies alternate text for the wiku, which is displayed when the pointer hovers over the image.

To make an entire paragraph into a block quotation, place “bq. This is a sub-list point. There are two ways to make superscripts work, when used directly after another word or character:.

You can type wiki markup directly into the editor, and Confluence will convert it as you type. What you need to type What you’ll get here is some text Type wiki markup directly into the editor.


An image file attached to a blog post is displayed. Sueet you’ll see is a dialog listing the available keyboard shortcuts, for your operating system, in Confluence.

As with wiki markup, Confluence will convert your markdown to the rich text editor format. We could give you a list here, but then you’d need to keep referring to this page. Keyboard shortcuts infographic – you’re welcome. Text for this column goes here. Some attachments of a specific type can be embedded into a wiki renderable field from attached files. Changes the color of a block of text.

You can even go shset any kind of mixed nested lists Example: Use morefor deeper indentations. The style of the border this panel uses solid, dashed and other valid CSS border styles borderColor: The color of the border this panel uses borderWidth: Yes No It wasn’t accurate. This only works on Internet Explorer. An image file attached to the page is displayed.