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Major Case reiterated that he is in the business of producing no duds.

This “toxic area” measured approximately 0. Range 32 – one dud grenade now in the berm. No requirements for night firing. I suspect that he 331 referring to Howitzer Hill. Waste oil and other fuels were stored onsite and mixed with water to be burned on site for training exercises.

John Calvert Environmental did study; collected samples in Feb and March Jaye, and ; Weston, 5. Soil Jaye, ; Weston, contamination extent was ; Braun, l; not determined. Davis does not recall storing fog oil at this training area. Also a photo lab was housed in here. Day phase cerrfa only. Range activities restricted to and Goats killed in chemical training exercises were disposed in landfills.


Also ideal for training re: These two ranges will be turned back to the public and are the worst problems in Maj Case’s eyes. Soil Jaye, ; Braun, contamination extent was j; Weston, ; not determined. These inset maps allow easier determination of issues pertinent to individual buildings.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

Cerffa Agent Yard use to store other agents including HD, phosgene, chlorine. This rainwater is discharged to the storm drain after visual inspection.

Vehicle Maintenance, wash rack, oil water separator. No knowledge of sump. Memorandum prepared by B.

The next training exercise might then be conducted on top of the burned propellant. Johnson as being cefa at the southern boundary fence separating Pelham Range and Anniston Army Depot.

Only water was used in this training exercise, no chemical agents or decontaminants. This portion of the range was off limits when I visited R after-hours. January 15, Mr. Training utilized only the simulant MR in this area from to Draft Remedial Investigation Report.

Carrol believes troops trained at T24 for disposal activities.


6.0 CERFA Findings

Bob Safay, and Mr. Choccolocco Corridor lease from state; used for land navigation training, MP driving, Chemical School training, and bivouac. Chem shell tapping was called a “G-shoot”; Harvey has no idea how name derived. Two 15,gal USTs were removed in Higgins, ; CH2MHill, 5.

Friable asbestos problems include: Initially built as hand grenade range and functioned in this capacity for years. Used prior toDavis’ th Chemical Bat’n smoke generation Bat’n.

Turn-in Procedures for Batteries. Gas mask test chambers – Used to demonstrate effectiveness of gas masks in providing protection and to confirm mask fit before performing training with live agent. Mark 19 grenade launcher produced more duds than any other weapon and very sensitive duds.

Site was active till Paul James was stationed at Ft McClellan from through Contaminated equipment with agent heavily used several gallons.