Genus, Cavia Pallas, Species, Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, – Montane Guinea Pig. Direct Children: Subspecies, Cavia tschudii arequipae Osgood, AnAge entry for Cavia tschudii. Classification (HAGRID: ). Taxonomy: Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia (Taxon entry). Familia: Caviidae Subfamilia: Caviinae Genus: Cavia Species: Cavia tschudii. Name[edit]. Cavia tschudii Fitzinger,

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In sum, if the chromosomal and nucleolar differences we are reporting here in molecularly identified specimens of Cavia tschudii and Cavia porcellus were also found in other populations, we predict that their eventual hybrids will tscnudii some degree of genomic incompatibility.

Journal of Heredity Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, is a wild species of guinea pig RodentiaCaviidae which inhabits northern Chile, southern Peru and Bolivia and northwestern Argentina WeirWoods and Kilpatrick Symposia of the Zoological Society of London Proceedings of the Zoological Society of London part 3, no. On mammals collected by Sr.

Retrieved 5 January Please review our privacy policy. Redford 15 May PLoS Genetics 8 9: Cavi inwho termed them Cavia cutleri. Articles from Comparative Cytogenetics are provided here courtesy of Pensoft Publishers. The role of the chromosomal and genomic differences in the divergence of these tschudik Cavia species is discussed. The montane guinea pig is the likely ancestor of Cavia porcellusthe cavy or domestic guinea pig.

Multiple AgNOR bands were detected in the karyotypes of both species, consistently located in the telomeres of several chromosomal pairs Fig. Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, is a wild guinea pig species living in South America that according to the analysis of mitochondrial genes is the closest wild form of the domestic guinea pig.


Correspondence of Cavia tschudii and Cavia porcellus chromosomes according to their G band patterns 1.

Chromosomes were obtained from marrow cells using conventional in vivo colchicine, hypotonic method, preceded by yeast injection to improve the mitotic index Lee and Elder From Cagia, the free encyclopedia. It has been proposed that this variability would depend mainly on the specific metabolic demands of cells and individuals Mikelsaar et al.

Montane guinea pig

Based on these molecular results and on the analysis of mummified guinea pig remains found in archeological sites, Spotorno et al. Later, molecular analyses of the mitochondrial cytochrome b and 12S RNA genes clearly showed that the closest species to Cavia porcellus is Cavia tschudii and not the genetically related Cavia aperea Spotorno et al.

Montane guinea pig Conservation status.

It lives in moist habitats with rocks and coarse vegetation, making runways through the foliage. Abstract We tschuudii the first record of the genus Cavia and the species Cavia tschudii Rodentia, Caviidae in Catamarca province, northwestern Argentina, which represents a range extension of about km southward for the species.

Most of the chromosomes of both species were tentatively identified according size and morphology.

Journal of Genetics Revista Chilena de Historia Natural Mammals of the Neotropics, Volume 3: Differences in the C bands size and the mean number of AgNOR bands between the karyotypes of the two species were detected.

The analysis of some AgNOR banded metaphases per species indicated that the number tsvhudii AgNOR bands was different between the two species and also among the individuals. The cranial and dental remains were recovered from an owl pellet sample found in eastern slopes of the Ambato range, at m elevation, in a highland grasslands-Chaco Serrano ecotone.

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Experimental Cell Research User Username Password Remember me. CasillaSantiago 7, Chile. Open in a separate window.

The FNa variability of guinea pig species may be due to polymorphisms for the presence of short arms in the chromosomes described as subtelocentric or telocentric in these species. The montane guinea pig has a gestation period around 63 days.

Montane Guinea Pig (Cavia tschudii) ·

Capybara Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris Lesser Capybara Hydrochoerus isthmius. Published online Jul Weygandianis, Lipsiae, pp. Vuilleumier F, Monasterio M. Cricetidae in northwestern Argentina: Cytogenetic and Cell Genetics Peruvian wild guinea pigs were first described tsdhudii E.

In other projects Wikispecies. According to the environmental continuity along the Ambato range, we suggest that the presence of C. To estimate fertility, specific reproductive aspects must be studied, such as the success obtained in crosses between the parental forms and some hybrid characters, i.

Journal of Zoology, London Cavia tschudii Fitzinger, Mammalia: