a popular shampoo mixture, consisting of olive oil and flaked soap. (a) DCBA. (b) DACB. (c) BDAC. (d) BCDA. CAT – Para Jumbles (CAT Questions). Don’t attempt para-jumbles at all! If there are no options in para-jumbles then don’ t even try to attempt these questions. These questions have four sentences. Para Jumbles or sentence arrangement is a very important topic for CAT. Ace the questions on Para jumbles by learning these simple tips & tricks.

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Statement B answers the question asked in opening sentence and it is preferred over Statement D starts with “For Them “, them here means Analysts about which the author talks in option B. Closely reading the sentences we see that the topic of discussion is how chemical reactions started by lightning affects nitrogen paraiumbles the air which ultimately help nourish the earth.

But they end up spending thousands more each year on hardware overhaul and software upgradation. Well, it’s true that I have been wondering whether a President could be impeached for refusing to stop talking about the bridge we need to build to the 21st century.

It must be the conclusion. Take this test and find out.

Para Jumbles For CAT With Out Options – TITA Questions – Cracku

Usually, the important ideas come first, peripheral later. Statement A is the only option which should come before the closing sentence. CAT Online Course. Please enter an answer in digits: All parajmbles you needed to do was identify the purpose of these two statements and you would have arrived at the answer, that is option 1.


Senetence 2 states why in its natural form nitrogen is unusable and sentence 1 further elaborates on why nitrogen must undergo transformation for plants to use it. psrajumbles

Para Jumbles:Test-1

Learn how your comment data is processed. Sentence 5 elaborates on sentence 2. Any items you have not completed will be marked incorrect.

Although there are large regional variations, it is not infrequent parajmubles find a large number of people sitting here and there and doing nothing. This topic is also known by the name of Sentence Rearrangement.

Sentence 5 states that placebo effect are now not just studied for pagajumbles intervations, as stated in sentence 2, but as potential portal into self healing power. The key points for identifying the correct answer in this case are: Hence, the correct logical order of the given sentences will be Look carefully at the highlighted sets of words in this case:.

If all of us infinite time to answer every Para Jumbles question, eventually most of us would get most answers right, just as if we had enough time, we would be able to put a jigsaw puzzle together.

Para Jumbles For CAT With Out Options – TITA Questions

You have not finished your quiz. Even those who are employed often come late cqt the office and leave early unless they are forced to be punctual.


Statement A gives the current state after the opening sentence. Slowly a sore throat progresses to bronchitis and then pneumonia and respiratory complications.

Hence, sentence parajumbbles logically follows sentence 2. Being able to identify his purpose in the paragraph will obviously help us to establish the order of sentences. The objective is simple: The five sentences parxjumbles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 given in this question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. We would then have a reason to eliminate the wrong ones. However, the tense cannot change without a reason.

Para Jumbles:Test-1 – CAT @ Wordpandit

Obviously, it signifies that something contrary to this was expressed in previous sentence. Lokendra on February 20, at In other words, what parajkmbles me is that Bill Clinton could exhibit a version of what George Bush used to refer to as Big Mo. How to analyse your mock test. In most cases a sentence with a pronoun will follow a sentence with its antecedent noun. Verbal Ability – Summary – North American walnut sphinx patajumbles