RESISTANCE AND RE-CREATION IN BRUNO SCHULZ’S. “TRAKTAT O MANEKINACH”. Bruno Schulz, born in the sleepy Eastern European town of. W Traktacie o manekinach, cyklu opowiadañ14 swiatlo niemal oraz z trzech kolejnych czçáci stanowiacych wlasciwy Traktat o manekinach, tzn. Rzeczywistosc zdegra- dowanа (Rzecz o Brunonie Schuhu). w: B. SCHULZ. Pałuby in Bruno Schulz’s Workshop DAVID A. GOLDFARB Barnard College, The word, pałuba, figures prominently in Schulz’s Traktat o manekinach.

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The authorial persona in manekinaxh text asserts that it was chosen for its symbolic value, which he only begins to explicate toward the end of the text9.

Irzykowski writes That which is unlike anything else, should take a name which is unlike anything else, wild and strange, uncombed and unpleasant – uncomfortable to use, and therefore unlikely to become a worn coin He wants a word that is unsettling in its own language, let alone in translation. Click here to sign up.

Mythopoetic Traditions and Inserted Treatises: Bruno Schulz and Danilo Kiš

Irzykowski was not otherwise known for fiction, though he was a prolific critic and one of the first European critics to write about cinema in a serious way. Manekinaach he did not know how to interpret, even with what he had read about women Schulz again recovers lost meaning by bringing these words into proximity in a single sentence.


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Pałuby in Bruno Schulz’s Workshop | David Goldfarb –

We can see how both approaches are valid methods of artistic expression. NewReadings, New meanings, May A fetish is originally a doll mankinach object that carries spiritual power not inherent in the material of the object itself.

Remember me on this computer. Schulz, The complete fiction of Bruno Schulz, tr. The wax figure with its uncanny physical realism utterly fails to tell the story.

Skip to main content. Like many fairy tales it ends darkly.

Help Center Find new research papers in: While his novel is virtually unknown outside of Poland, it was the break with historical and psychological realism that would free writers like Witkacy, Witold Gombrowicz and Schulz to invent new forms of prose fiction.

As bruon father articulates his theory of matter and form, he states, The Demiurge, that great master and artist, made [matter] invisible, made it disappear under the play of life.

Irzykowski buries plot beneath piles of metafiction and interventions of the authorial voice. Schulz, Les Boutiques de Cannelle, tr. The most fundamental function of the spirit is inventing fables, creating tales Log In Sign Up.

Freud, writing in the context of modernist primitivism, borrows from this underlying primitivistic analogy in his analysis of psychological sexual fetishism.

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Poetry happens when short-circuits of sense occur between words, mznekinach sudden regeneration of the primeval myths Witkacy argued that poetry, painting, and drama were capable of Pure Form, while prose in general could at best only represent the experience of the individual in the sculz of Pure Form – the exception being the prose of Bruno Schulz, which possessed this quality of poetry for Witkacy.

This is a fetish. Imprisoned in each figure is a substrate of mythic narrative – like the lost tale of the golem or the forgotten story of Queen Draga – which is reality for Schulz, as we would recognize from the frequently quoted passage in his essay, The Mythicization of Reality: Nelson, Fromm, New York,pp.

Irzykowski is pointedly unclear about the meaning of his title. Lalka exemplifies all the characteristics of the genre – a wealthy merchant of the rising middle class in love with a young lady of the declining aristocracy, rich descriptions of material reality, lengthy internal monologues, the background of world politics, the tension between the country and the city, the margins of Europe and the center i.

They are cast from underlying stories.