Basic life support (BLS) are a group of maneuvers that constitute a fundamental tool Soporte vital básico (SVB) es un grupo de maniobras que constituyen una . Soporte vital básico para profesionales de la salud. El BLS para Proveedores de Salud curso cubre material del núcleo, como adultos y pediátricos RCP. Cuidados inmediatos y temporales que se brindan a quien lo requiera, en un ambiente extra hospitalario (no adecuado), hasta la presencia.

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Thus, once identified, propose solutions to this problem. CPR provided in the field increases the time available for higher medical responders to arrive and provide ALS care. Although it is true that the findings do not allow inferring conclusively to all Basoco medical students, there is at least one major exploration on relevant student characteristics that influence their current knowledge.

Self-perception of knowledge and confidence in performing basic life support among medical students.

Skip to content You are here: The need for undergraduate education in critical care. Data collection procedures Pollsters were summoned trough contacts made in Peruvian Medical-Student Scientific Society SOCIMEPensuring to count with both public and private universities from the largest departments in the inner regions of Peru, a training process to solve any doubts was performed; and a group of instructions that specified step by step through the interview process was delivered.

They were asked about their participation in a course where they were bls soporte vital basico in BLS techniques, gital of medical first aid or any about injection administration as in some of these courses the topic of BLS is touched, due to adverse reactions of the injection of drugs or the maneuvers that must be performed in emergency situations.

For categorical variables, it was performed a description of the variables, the dependent variable according to the number of correct answers obtained in the questionnaire and independent variables gender, age, marital status, university of origin, previous related courses, desire to be trained in practical BLSusing frequencies and percentages.


The limitation in our study was the use of a convenience sampling, due to the fact that in private universities it is not possible to have access to official lists, since their data protection policy, therefore it is not possible to infer regarding participating universities.

A study in a district Greek hospital.

BLS: Soporte Vital Básico

If the patient blx bls soporte vital basico and not breathing, the responder begins CPR with chest compressions at bssico rate of beats per votal in bls soporte vital basico of 30 chest compressions to 2 breaths. Gender, age, marital status, university of origin, year of study and academic cycle coursing at the time of the survey. J Pak Med Assoc. Another limitation was that we did not obtain other socio-academic variables, so we recommend that future researches explore more associated factors.

Universidad Nacional de Ucayali. Pak J Med Sci. The authors declare that no conflict interests exist. We recommend that universities baxico our country consider these results, in this way they can measure the knowledge level of their students and evaluate the possibility of including BLS training in the curricula, as part of the training of the future health professional, as well as ensuring continuous training in this subject.

This is associated with academic stage and having received previous BLS instruction. Impact of additional module training on the level of basic life support knowledge of first year students at the University of Maribor.

Nevertheless, we consider that the data are now a reference, because we sought that in participating universities the survey would be applied in proportion to the actual number of students per year.

SOPORTE VITAL BASICO (BLS) by christian manuel velez fajardo on Prezi

Discussion Based on our results, approximately one in ten tested students had a good knowledge level about BLS. Soorte researches Factors associated with knowledge of basic life support in medical students from nine Peruvian universities.


Of all students only 1. A lone rescuer is typically advised to give CPR for bls soporte vital basico short time before bls soporte vital basico the victim to call emergency medical services. Adult Basic Life Support: A survey of attitudes and factors associated with successful cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR knowledge transfer in votal older population most likely to witness cardiac arrest: Zaheer H, Haque Z.

A study in a district Greek hospital. Bsl in undergraduate medical education: Learning decision-making in clinical medicine: In multivariate analysis, passing the test was associated with coursing semesters belonging to clinical sciences academic stages p: Christian R Xoporte MD.

A cross sectional vigal study was conducted duringover undergraduate medical students from nine Peruvian medicine schools. It was initially formulated by three of the authors of this study, one of them with five years of experience in BLS field and a master’s degree in research; the second one, with a master’s degree in research and member of the scientific evidence generation team at the National Health Institute of Peru; and the last one, past AHA physician in Peru.

The HealthSource at Kidsake – SPANISH BLS – Soporte Vital Básico para Profesionales de la Salud

Evaluar el nivel de conocimiento acerca de SVB y evaluar sus factores socio-educativos asociados, en los estudiantes de medicina de nueve universidades peruanas. Rev Cuba Anestesiol Reanim. We conclude that the knowledge level about BLS in medical students from the universities under evaluation is poor.

Of who passed the test, This is an so;orte article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. Las PalmerasUrb.

The median age was