Baku: An Eventful History [James Dodds Henry] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a reproduction of a book published before Baku: an eventful history. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Co., ltd., – Armenian question – pages. Baku: An Eventful History. Front Cover. James Dodds Henry. A. Constable & Company, Limited, – Petroleum industry and trade – pages.

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He was followed a few years afterwards by Hanway, Hmelin and Lerche. The subdivision of plots was carried to extremes, and properties were no longer bought by hundreds of saghens but by tens.

Prices declined from 45 copecks to copecks per pood. The bulk of the output was used in the production of photogen, and if for any reason the refineries had been closed down the petroleum industry would have perished. The other terminus was made between Baku and Black Town. In a small area of a few thousand square feet one derrick after another was erected, and the famous Shaitan Devil’s Bazaar was established.

Internet resource Document Type: They forget that it is the natural outlet of the stream of life, of commerce, and of progress flowing down the Volga — the main artery of the Russian Empire.

Baku: an eventful history – James Dodds Henry – Google Books

The whole of the histpry destined for this expedition is said to have amounted tomen, as it consisted of 22, infantry, 20, Cossacks, 30, Tartars, 20, Calmucks, 9, cavalry and 5, sailors. Under the conditions of that day time meant everything to the refiner. Dzhakeli brought from Marseilles a Martin still, fitted with a feed-heater, for extracting the more volatile pro- ducts from crude.

All houses bakuu which shots have been fired have been noted ; the owners, managers and occupiers of these houses will be dealt with as persons responsible for these shots, and losses sustained owing to shooting will be charged up to them. Please select Ok if you would like to proceed with this request anyway. The drama of a year has been played in three well defined and separate acts. Though so very modern in these respects, Baku remains loyal to its ancient water-carts and camel teams.


Baku, an eventful history – James Dodds Henry – Google Books

Labour has been meddled with, unsettled, and made offensively dictatorial, and a splendid industry has been placed in jeopardy. This company then erected a separate still in which it distilled its own residuum and paid the crude tax. Dventful adequate tankage having been provided, vast quantities of oil were lost. The high import duties imposed to encourage a home industry have served their purpose, and, when the industry was no longer in need of protection against outside competition, it was retained, firstly, with a view to preventing the import of oil into the frontier regions situated at a distance from the Caucasus, and, secondly, in order to protect the revenue derived by the Exchequer from home-produced kerosene.

Considerable litigation resulted in just over half of No. Oil does not come from a well like water from a fountain.

The refineries were not slow to find out the weak point in the excise regulations. It was soon historg by three others ; all were drilling on the off chance of striking oil, and work went on in a half- hearted fashion on account of poverty of finance and the uncertainty of success.

The spirit of the industrial West had not disturbed them down to the end ofwhen, Mr.

The world owes much to Baku, the most ancient, just as it was before these racial risings the most prolific and profitable, oil-producing and refining centre in the world.

Directly the oil source was reached the oil burst forth with terrific force. The fierce competition between Mirzoiev and Kokorev led others to adopt similar tactics. It fell into the hands of Persia in the sixteenth century, bamu it maintained its autonomy under a separate Khan.

Baku: an eventful history,

A short time previous to his departure, Moldenhauer, delighted with his petroleum photogen, which he considered would do without refining, filled it into tins which he soldered up, and sent a small quantity for sale at Tiflis, at eight roubles per pood roughly 3J.

Drilling proceeded at a speed which surprised the natives. If burning tow is thrown into the sea, half-an-hour’s row from evsntful headland at Bibi-Eibat, an immediate ignition of natural gas bubbling up from the bottom is observed, the flames spreading over a considerable area. He induced Mirzoiev to take advantage of the Grosny oil sources and to erect a refinery for supply- ing the Northern Caucasus with illuminating oil.


Then there are Chatma, Tcheleken, Fergana, Telavi, and other fields in the northern Caucasus, in the Urals, and on the shore of the Black Sea, not far from the oil port of Batoum.

Baku: an eventful history

To-day only one remains — the one to which I have referred as being a histoory miles from Baku, in the village of Surakhani, and near the old Kokorev refinery owned by the Baku Oil Company. Numerous improvements were introduced during the first eight years, between the time of the abolition of the contract system and the end of The scheme was taken up, and the first photogen works were erected on a thirty-two acre plot near the Temple of 40 BAKU.

In my reading of ancient Russian works on the Cauccisus, I have been struck with the great desire Peter the Great displayed to take Baku from the Persians. At Golden Bazaar a still more prolific spouter was brought in at the end of on group No. At first it was thought that further drilling work would have to be abandoned, but it was eventually found that even the low price of two copecks left the producer a margin of profit.

Gaku – Point, covering hill and dale with sand and oil, and drenching the house of Bailoff, a mile and a half away.

No sooner, however, had they learned, or thought they had learned, how to produce photogen than they found reasons why they should get rid of the inventor. This product, locally known as kir, was obtainable for a trifle, and, what was more, the Eternal Fires, which he desired to use for fuel, were close at hand.

Half-a-dozen workmen were squatting and washing in the heavy cascade histoy pure white hot water.