The title more or less says it all, but for some background, the Badab War has some of my favorite chapters involved in it – like the. Explore Braden Wrightstone’s board “Badab war” on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Space marine, Warhammer 30k and Space wolves. Inside this book are full histories and dispositions of the nine Space Marine Chapters who played the most significant part in the Badab War’s early stages.

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So approved, the strike force, named the ‘Gift of Fire’, was further augmented by a pair of Imperial Navy light cruisers and a frigate squadron. The only Imperial body prepared to get involved in what was to most still seen as an internal Administratum matter concerning the correct procedure for gathering the tithes of Badab.

M41 proved to be a final deathly calm before the oncoming storm which would inevitably see the Badab War brought to its terrible conclusion. The Exorcists went out to blockade the system, ensuring that no Astral Claws shall escape.

Are the Corsairs a cool Chapter? The Chapter’s severe losses effectively removed them from the Secessionist order of battle. They succeeded in destroying the Loyalist outposts, listening stations and the vital Astropathic relay complex on the night moons of the Khymara System in one stroke. It would not be long before the brooding Tyrant of Badab would spark into violence, and the Imperium would once again, shed the blood of its own.

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Around this time, and running into the new year, several chapters present in the Maelstrom Zone were dismissed from the campaign in stages by the Inquisition. So in a universe where your big hot shot officer can suddenly go nuts at a moments notice it makes total sense to split things up more. Eventually they gave up trying to talk them into reassigning themselves. The Fire Angels withdrew, due to their heavy losses and hating badabb to serve with the assholes of the Space Sharks.


Soon the Tyrant’s Legion proved their worth as they repulsed numerous ear raids, freeing the Astral Claws from their defensive stance. In a desperate attempt to either drive the Loyalists from the surface of Sagan III or render the planet unusable to them, bdaab Astral Claws resorted to the use of viral weapons that slew tens of thousands of the world’s population.

As the situation devolved further the Karthans threatened all-out war, but lacked the means to do so alone.

M41, Lufgt Huron found the taxman at his door. If Guilliman had been around, he probably would’ve commended Huron on his initiative.

M41 and the system reclaimed for the Loyalists. Within one third of a standard year of the Minotaurs arrival in the region, the direct and collateral damage caused by their forces reduced the human population of the Pale Stars alone by more than 20 percent. Sons of Medusa are my favorite successor chapter. By the middle of the 41st Millennium, the heavily militarised Hive World bzdab Cygnax located in the star system of the same name was the most populated planet in the northern Maelstrom Zone.

The Fire Hawks and their Karthan allies continued to suffer heavy losses in battle. Almost impregnable to ground assault, the Star Phantoms instead assaulted the Palace via drop pods and thunderhawks under the cover of a colossal orbital bombardment. M41, Lufgt Huron saw the Maelstrom Zone slipping from his grasp and all the victories the Warders had gained began to crumble, and so in ear attempt to tighten his grip, he remained unaware that elsewhere events were moving against him.

First the Carcharodons ravaged the Feudal World of Iblis, smashing its infrastructure and putting its rulers to the sword, then they attacked the planet’s scattered settlements and nomadic crawler-caravans by night, leaving bloody wreckage in their wake. Over two dozen vessels were taken as Secessionist prizes for almost no losses sustained by the attacking forces. M41 with some acrimony attached to their departure.


Departmento Cartographicae map detailing the Endymion Cluster.

sar Though they met with firmer resistance than their Salamanders cousins, the Minotaurs were masters of siege craft, as they attacked the iron-shod bastions of the Astral Claws.

The surviving Astral Claws were executed. The sovereign independent Adeptus Mechanicus domain of Angstrom in the eastern Maelstrom Zone had remained neutral throughout the conflict, rejecting diplomatic missions and threats from both sides to join them in their cause.

A dozen such engagements occurred in a short space of time during this period. The pattern of attacks by these corsair ships was tracked by the echo left in the Warp to the Lamptan system and its twin Feral Worlds of Shaprias and Scarfel. Some of the Tyrant’s detractors have even gone so far as to suggest that during the Crusade of Wrath, whilst bavab within the nightmare realm of the Maelstrom, something vile or warp-tainted promises had wormed their way into his heart.

Huron was expanding the Astral Claws to beyond Codex Astartes norms. Calling in the Astartes of the Red ScorpionsRaptors barab, Salamanders and Fire Angels chapters, a waf retribution force was soon ready to take part in the war.

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Due to these events, Huron cut off all ties between the Maelstrom Zone and the outside galaxy, further pissing off wxr Trade Lords. The Mantis WarriorsExecutionersand Lamenters were shown mercy on the condition of a penitent Crusade. Privacy policy About 1d4chan Disclaimers Mobile view.

Arriving without warning in Pict-capture of the Mantis Warriors during the Defence of Cygnax, ca.