Our Aveyond 2 Walkthrough contains everything you need in order to play this unforgettable adventure game. Featuring sections such as Location Questions. Aveyond 2 Cheats, Codes, Hints and Walkthroughs for PC Games. Aveyond 2 Cheat Codes: Submitted by: phillip To get to the highs level do shift +.

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Even though Sabriyya asks you to bring any more eggs you find to her, this is the only salamander egg you can obtain. In the very southwest of Shivendale Woods is a Griffin — another unsuspecting soul trapped by a transfigurine. Rye, a quiet lad walktthrough a good hand for a bow, spends most of his time in the forest.

Something amazing has happened. Pick up the transfigurine, and leave the beast’s lair. As you leave, she calls Iya back, offering her an apology for concealing an important piece of information about her quest.

Finally she agrees to come with you, and the two of you must escape Shaenlir Castle together. Try to carry a good supply of restorative items. When you return walkhtrough Seri Palace, go through the door on the left, and find the tournament sign-up sheet.

To reach Thais, follow the path all the way to the east, stopping at the small cave near the end to turn on the switch in the Magic Express. To view your quests, press the S key, or press Escape or the right mouse button to open your menu, and select Journal from the list. Some skills affect the whole party, while others only apply to an individual. walkthrohgh

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough and Cheats |

Some of the Spoon monsters will drop silver spoons. To restore it and save her life, she must seek out, and receive blessings from, the Six Nymphs who weave spirit into every living being. Then you just helped them. Once Professor Drake has his swamp slime, he leaves to talk to Agatha. You find yourself back in Spire Mountain, balanced precariously on a ledge.

Her own magic, and that of her enslaved imp, are not enough to accomplish her purpose, and so wal,through sends Wart to find someone whose magic is strong enough to meet her needs, but who is too weak to resist her spells.


Follow the path as far north as you can go, and head west, to reach Serendipity, being held prisoner by a group of trolls. Note that ALL of the entrants in the tournament are susceptible to Chicken Curse, so you may want to walktjrough sure you have a few scrolls spare each time you return for another bout, just in case you find them a little hard to handle.

Iya now realizes she must go too, and face the Snow Queen — Ishtar, and receive her final blessing. Lucky Charm protects against may states, including sleep. Monsters will not continue moving around on the map while you are in the menu.

Aveyond 2 Tips & Tricks Walkthrough

Run back across the bridge to the switch on the other side. To the east of the city entrance is the Armory, and directly south of the entrance is the Weaponry. The mirror at the back of her house will be of interest, but you aveond to come back when she is away.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Nicolas can be found in the castle, through the left door. After the battle, the Queen Bee and her drones have been scared away so there are no corpses to loot.

After discussing recent events, he invites you to join the resistance that is forming against the Snow Queen.

Aveyond 2 Walkthrough & Cheats

Now it is time to go searching for Uthar’s squirrel. She is nowhere to be seen, so inspect the mirror at the back of her house. Calliope’s Wand is in Toadstump Marsh — go right back to the original entrance, and head south and then east to find it. Return to The Mainland. Doyle, the tailor in the southwest house, has lost his tailor’s kit and aveyyond help finding walothrough.

If you have Gavin, he is next to depart. You will have much more to do here later in the game, so when you meet someone named Gulliver, remember where to find him again.

At the end of one of the paths is a cave that leads you into the lair of this beast. Return to Casket Hill and the Lord of Souls. U can laugh at it but when u equip them the one laughing are the enemy.


If you are ever stuck during the game, or something is not working as you expect, your journal is the first place to look — perhaps you do not have the quest you are trying to complete, or you must complete one of your quests before you can proceed. Look around avyond chests, make a donation if you don’t yet have 10 Karma points. The Oracle instructs them to go east to the city of Thais, where a small resistance is forming against the Snow Queen.

So for now, head east into the cave leading into the mountains for some more levelling up. Go upstairs in her house and notice the clock that seems to be running fast.

At some point, even if it takes a few attempts, you find yourself with a beast in a trap. Go through, and on the other side Iya aveyonnd seal the doorway with magic, giving you some protection — for now. I know a sidequest if your in a town and someone is talking about a clockmaker which died and someone toke over town and she wants the deed.

Aveyond 2 Cheats, Cheat Codes, Hints, Tips

The one benefit is when you remove a piece of cursed armor, the cursed status disappears as well if you carry one piece of cursed armor with you that all party members can equip, if anyone is inflicted with the cursed status during a battle, afterwards you can have them equip the cursed armor then change back to their previous armor, and the cursed status will be removed — though Gavin and Nicolas both have spells that give the same result.

If its black magic guy? If another 45 minutes has passed since the last tournament round, it is time to return so Emma can face walkthgough next opponent.