indeed he might have been describing the author of Eros, the Bittersweet. Car- Carson traces the paradoxical nature of Eros from Sappho’s famous definition. Deadpan Sexy: Anne Carson’s “Eros the Bittersweet”. Austin Allen. 10 February, Anne Carson writes books that refuse to be just one thing. Autobiography. Eros the Bittersweet An Essay Anne Carson. Editions. Paperback. ISBN. pp. 6 x 9. Hardcover.

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This is one of my favorite books by Anne Carson.

Selected pages Title Page. From her inchoate little poem we learn several things about eros.

But the boundaries of time and glance and I love you are only aftershocks of the main, inevitable boundary that creates Th She examines the nuances of love, through the lens of Greek fragments and culture. James Risser Limited preview – Jul 20, Karlijn rated it it was amazing. This act of dialectical interception has, since antiquity, perplexed those who wish to say concisely what the dialogue is about. Mix-up of self and other is much more easily achieved in language than in life, but somewhat the same effrontery is involved.

Sappho drew this conception together and called Eros glukupikron [bittersweet]. Either this is deliberate, in an effort to force a piece of evidence that does not fit into her schema, or she has actually come to see it this way because of her presuppositions.

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It is a sublimely measured and controlled bit of literary theory, exploring why eros has been the motivating force of poets and writers since the beginning of recorded literature. The first is Zeno’s paradoxes which she compares to the paradox of eros.

Eros the Bittersweet by Anne Carson

bitterswet But there is nothing inappropriate here. Carson may not be Sappho, yet. Jul 18, Heather Fowler rated it it was amazing. Both of these kinds of space come into being by an act of symbolization. They bury their dead and forget where [. Through the course of her exploration of “eros,” Carson offers fascinating cultural details on the ancient Greeks and analyzes small poetry fragments that I’ve never read before.

Jun 02, Quiver rated it it was amazing Shelves: And it is only, suddenly, at the moment when I could dissolve that boundary, I realize I never can.

In this sense, even the claims about the Greeks are too broad. A pun is a figure of language that depends on similarity of sound and disparity of meaning.

Is this what Sappho is erps in fragment 31? As readable as Anne Carson usually is, anyway.

Gass’s On Being Blue. To the Greeks, the idea of writing itself was relatively new.

In short, literacy gives us a sense of self, bitterswwet paving the way for desire to take hold, for eros to enrapture, for us to desire those things just out of reach. A metaphor is a species of symbol. We read in general, because we seek knowledge that the author is trying to deliver through the vehicle and inevitably also the obstacle of language.


To write words I put a symbol in place of an absent sound.

Eros the Bittersweet

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To that extent, she works through the aforementioned ancient authors and articulates a really interesting and vibrant picture of eros which fits nicely in its various contexts. They do not theorize or spin tops or speak figuratively. A Rereading of Romans: Phonetic script imitates the activity of discourse itself.

And there’s actually a lot to connect to- like, when I go to the movies, why is it that the best moments in an eros-related story are the ones before they hook up, from the moment you realize it’s a possibility until when it actually happens or doesn’t happen- it almost doesn’t mat What can we learn about romantic love by looking at ancient greek poetry?