A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo back to the home world he left many years before. Arriving on the distant planet with Leia, their children and. A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo back to the home world he left many years before. Arriving on the distant planet with. Ambush at Corellia, and its subsequent books in the trilogy, is a simple story that is worth it if you haven’t got a [ ].

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The Luke-Lando sidequest is a bit interesting, but all-in-all, it’s a fun read. I think that the narrative is being stretched a bit to make sure this is a trilogy. But I’ll definitely be finishing the trilogy. Because the system was known for possessing an inward-looking political structure, and was not recipient to any of the radical changes produced by the rapid overhauls in government of the last forty years, it came as a pleasant surprise then that the New Republic was able to set up a trade summit on Corellia to open the sector to the rest of the galaxy.

Fatal Alliance Sean Williams 9. Help Lando find a rich woman to marry? I found Lando to be more interesting as a character than anyone else even though he’s stuck in the most uninteresting events and circumstances that one could write about.

Leia’s advisers counsel her to wait for a ransom note, but waiting is the hardest thing for a mother to do when her children are in danger.

Also, while I know that considerable attention was given to making the Extended Universe books flow and to be consistent with each other, the descriptions of Corellia in this book does not really jive with that of the system offered in other EU books, such as the X-wing series.

One thing is clear: Mon Mothma is very weird with Luke. Some croellia the stuff with the Human League, like the screens and fanfare, make me think of “Hunger Games.


Ambush at Corellia: Star Wars Legends (The Corellian Trilogy)

Suddenly all that Han, Leia, and others of the Alliance have fought for is threatened. Han has one chance to stop him. And you can really feel the romance, the love between these two, which is sometimes sorely lacking in these books.

One thing is clear: The last part of the book moved fast and ambueh kept my attention. The family aspect was well done.

Ambush at Corellia by Roger Macbride Allen book review

The dig was allegedly for the purpose of uncovering historical artifacts, but the cover story was thin. They are the X-wing fighters: It was from the Hidden Leader, corelliia them that if his future demands were not met, he would begin to trigger supernova explosions within a number of stars in the Corellian system.

The Old Republic Various authors 8. A trade summit on Corellia brings Han Solo back to the home world he left many years before. Jul 01, Ronald Kelland rated it liked it. Upcoming Birthdays next 10 days. The New Rebellion By: The introduction of a New Republic security agent, Belindi Kalenda, was another nice part of this ambuzh.

I really think this trilogy should have been condensed into one novel. It is a softcover book that was released in March of by Bantam Books.

Ambush at Corellia by Roger Macbride Allen

Meanwhile, other questions threaten the New Republic—and the lives of millions. It’s a decent start to the continuing story, but there are a few holes that need to be cleared up in the rest of the trilogy. Show More Show Less. Luke and Lando discover an interdiction field surrounding the entire Corellian Sector, a virtual scientific impossibility. Corona House was attacked, and in the ensuing carnage, Han escaped to assist Lt. Coorellia came up with better Star Wars stories when I was in high school!

The only noteworthy one was Lando’s mission.

Feb 05, Donovan rated it liked it Shelves: Allen’s description of the interplanetary unrest between humans and the other interplanetary species on Corellia and the other planets in the Corellian Sector are meant to bring to mind the imagery of places like Bosnia, Chechnya, Somalia, the Middle East.


Looking forward to the second book in this trilogy. He was born on September 26, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. He had some time on his hands and accompanied Lando on some wild wife hunting trip. The reason I bought this book is because; i have a friend one of her children collector everything Star wars. I am actually happy to see this side of Luke.

Ambush at Corellia | Wookieepedia | FANDOM powered by Wikia

As twins, the act almost as one, as they always knows what each other are thinking. Despite not enjoying Ambush at Corellia as much as I’d hoped, I’m corelia pleased with the way the book ended and the way it set the stage for the rest of the trilogy, so I’m hopeful the next two books will be better.

It’s not a terrible book, and Star Wars fans like myself will surely get enjoyment out of it; it is interesting to learn ta about Han Solo’s home planet and the volatile political forces at play there. A Game of Thrones Set: But to be honest, much of Ambush at Corellia felt like a whole lot of filler, just taking up space until it could get to that conclusion.

I know that Lando was once a smuggler, but I feel that this particular quest is somewhat beneath him. Assault at Selonia Star Wars: Yes, it’s still a bit silly in places, but I think the characters are well-done and the plot shows thought. Showdown at Centerpoint When a loyalist ship approaching Selonia is blasted out of space, Han Solo quickly realizes that rebel forces are turning planetary repulsors into weapons of immense destruction.